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  • post Last Retreat for Sgt R Ermy Lee
  • We all loved his shows. What a hoot he was when he did the commercial that represented him as a psychologist.😂
  • post Parasitic electrical drain
  • Wayne/ I always reach in to turn off my steps. That it was a lucky guess on my part. Have only had one DP. The switch is easy to reach through the lar...
  • post Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please
  • Like everyone else we've ear of fantastic mileages. Even had one day with 20mpg+ with a 70 mph tailwind Oklahoma into Kansas. About 7mpg+ running with...
  • post Parasitic electrical drain
  • The engine ECM is so far not in the discussion. Entirely different subject. Yes, an ECM deprived of power will have to be run sometimes up to a hundre...
  • post Parasitic electrical drain
  • One of the biggest continuous current draw are the steps. They have an electronic current limiter in them in that when there is force on the steps the...

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This forum is provided by the Diesel RV Club, an FMCA Chapter, and is an unofficial effort to enhance communication and exchange ideas and is open to anyone with an interest in Diesel Engines.

This site is not designed to be nor can it be the official communication tool to any diesel engine manufacturer (e.g, Caterpillar Corporation, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes Benz, or Navistar) nor can it be a substitute for calling the engine manufacturer's service hotline. The customer service and/or hotline numbers are:

  • Caterpillar RV Service Hotline at 877-777-3126.
  • Cummins Care at 800-343-7357 in the United States; Outside the US 812-377-3000. Cummins Power - Coach Care.
  • Detroit Diesel / Mercedes Benz at 800-445-1980; Mercedes Benz Sprinter - 877-762-8267
  • Navistar at 331-332-5000

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