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Fall 2018
DRVC Travelore - Page 1
Issue 43
Summer 2018 Rally
Official publication of the Diesel RV Club
Rocky Mountain Rally in Colorado
Forty of the registrants for the DRVC rally in Loveland posed for this photo captured on thr first full day of the Rocky Mountain Rally. The rally, conducted July 8-13 at Riverview RV Park, preceded the summer FMCA event in Gillette, Wyoming. In all, 47 people in 27 coaches were registered for the rally with seven individuals making it their first DRVC rally.
Diesel RV Club Website
Editing Your Member Information
by Ken Carpenter, Treasurer and FMCA Delegate
All members of Diesel RV Club have access to a wealth of important information about the Club as well as to their own personal membership information maintained in a secure area on the website. Information for the eyes of members only is located on the Member Only page. To get to this area, a login with a valid credential and a password
is required. Once there, members will also find other infor- mation in an individual Profile record.
Member Only Pages
What is so special about this set of web pages? What use is it to me, personally? These are questions you’ll find
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