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July 2018 Business Meeting Minutes
43 Regular and five Forum Plus “Renewal Overdue” status (1 day to 6 months beyond renewal date), compared to 50 Regular and four Forum Plus at this time last year.
• Technical Forum – Our Technical Forum has 3,475 members, over 19,000 posts and now features a new “Ask Dave” Board with advice from David Atherton for common diesel engine problems. Many members have already been saved thousands of dollars thanks to his insights and guidance. Thank you, Dave Ather- ton! So far, as of June 8, the Forum has had 735,633 views, compared to 815,000 for all of 2017.
VP Technical Service Recognition – Brett Wolfe, a Charter Member, Past President and VP Technical for the past several years decided to work on personal bucket list items and not run for another term as VP Technical. He continues to moderate our Technical Forum and to serve as Chair of FMCA’s Technical Committee, as well as Chief Moderator of the FMCA Forum. In recognition of his great personal contributions and dedication to the growth and wellbeing of our Chapter, the Board of Directors put forth a motion to grant a Lifetime Diesel RV Club membership to Brett and Diane Wolfe. Motion passed unanimously.
Approval of Amendments to the Chapter Bylaws to add the officer position of Assistant Treasurer. Details of this new position were published in the spring issue of Trav- elore. 82 votes were cast with 79 in favor and 3 opposed. The Bylaw amendment was approved.
Approval of Amendments to Chapter Standing Rules
to add the officer position of Assistant Treasurer. Voting was held with 82 votes cast; 79 in favor and 3 opposed, Amendment to the Chapter Standing Rules approved.
Election of Officers – Our Chapter elects one half of its officers each year. This year the offices were up for election included: President, Secretary, National Director, Alter- nate National Director and Assistant Treasurer. The term for these offices, except for the Alternate National Direc- tor, is two years ending with the summer business meeting in 2020. The Alternate National Director is serving out a one-year term. With the election taking place at the meet- ing and online, motion was made and passed to accept the entire slate of candidates as a group. Motion approved by
a unanimous voice vote. As a result, the following candi- dates were elected
President – Rod Kenly
Secretary – Judith N. Jackson
National Director – Ken Carpenter Alternate National Director – Tim Gerrity Assistant Treasurer – Dave Cobb
Since the Board of Directors was not successful in identify- ing candidates for VP Rally Coordinator, nominations were requested from the floor. Lou Ann Alvarez’s name was placed in nomination. There being no other candidates, nominations closed, and vote was called. A total of 55 online voters granted their proxy and these were counted with a unanimous vote of those in attendance. Lou Ann Alvarez was elected unanimously as VP Rally Coordinator.
Election of a Nominating Committee to serve 2018 – 2019. Candidates to be identified to serve for terms start- ing in 2019 include: Senior Vice President, VP Publishing, Treasurer, and Alternate National Director. Three to five Nominating Committee members were to be elected. Election of an individual to the Nominating Committee shall not prohibit that person or any other member in good standing from being nominated from the floor. The Committee shall nominate candidates for election by the general membership to fill officer vacancies.
• Two members expressed interest in serving when they cast their online ballots. These candidates are: Jerry Elkins and Dale Brouillette.
• There were three nominations from the floor: Emily Brouillette, Coleen Elkins, and Susan Gerrity.
With no more nominations, a motion was made to close nominations. Motion made and seconded. Motion passed unanimously to close nominations. Motion also made to approve the candidates as a single slate for all positions. Motion made and passed unanimously. The following can- didates for the Nominating Committee were elected: Jerry Elkins, Coleen Elkins, Dale Brouillete, Emily Brouillete, and Susan Gerrity.
President’s Report
Rod Kenly: All our officers have served your Chapter well and it is my hope you will join me in recognizing them.
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