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Introducing Our Newest Valued Partner
PROTENG Distributing: A Different Approach to Fire
By Byron Songer, VP Publications
With this article, I introduce DRVC members to our newest Valued Partner: PROTENG Distributing. I invite you to read on to see why we’re pleased to have them join our listing.
While many of us have been aware of fire extinguishers and their classes. Proteng brings to the market of fire suppression equipment something of which you likely have no awareness. Instead of the traditional extinguisher, Proteng produces a range of “fire suppression tubes,” for lack of a more technical term. To say that it is unlike any other product is no stretch. The reason is that the com- pany looks at fire differently. According to their literature, they are striving to change the industry by providing an effective, environmentally friendly fire protection product; something that stops fire at the source.
Proteng got its start in racing where providing protection to expensive race cars and their drivers were perceived as a need. As you may be aware, some extinguishers can cause more harm making stopping the fire somewhat futile due to the types of chemicals employed. Also, as to race cars, other systems depending on the action of a driver. If a driver was injured, the response mechanism would likely not be deployed.
After many trials, Proteng developed a better product – a small tube with a mighty impact. It is so unique that it has been patented.
What makes it different? First, it is automatic and doesn’t require a power source to release the extinguishing agent. The system is so automatic that it eliminates any elec-
tric, electronic, mechanical,
or human errors. Second, it is
environmentally friendly and
uses a fraction of the amount of
extinguishing agent due to the
patented delivery system. Third,
the Proteng devices are designed
to require no maintenance while
protecting machinery, engines,
computer systems, electronic equipment, and other high- value assets such as RVs.
The Proteng system is unlike what has been available. It is self-contained and heat-activated (see photos below) the extinguishing agent is contained in a tube. The system is environmentally friendly and meets standards in the USA and around the world. It minimizes fire damage by extin- guishing the fire at its initial stage by eliminating heat. As their information states: “There is no button to press, no pin to pull, no human action required. There are no batter- ies, no nozzles, no connections necessary.” The secret of its effectiveness is in the small tubes of an extinguishing agent that is triggered by heat or flame. The pressurized reaction immediately extinguishes the fire.
The product is perfect for use in enclosed areas like the engine, generator, or refrigerator compartment. The Polyamide tube ruptures when exposed to direct flame, or a very high temperature, releasing the extinguishing agent FM-200 (heptafluoropropane). FM-200 is a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, environmentally friendly, non-corrosive gas that leaves no residue.
Recently, Junction City (Oregon) Police Chief Robert Morris was so impressed by a demonstration that he returned from a conference and requested that all four- teen patrol cars be equipped. The cost of product and installation was around $8,000 ($572 per vehicle).
Proteng has posted a You Tube video comparing their Pro- teng 450 fire tube to a Kidde dry chemical fire extinguisher at the following URL:
Proteng Distributing is based in Florida. To learn more about the company, head to their website at:

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