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Valued Partner List
Fire & Life Safety — Mac the Fire Guy is offering a 10% Valued Partner discount on RV Fire Safety equipment and supplies.
MCD Innovations — MCD is offering a 10% discount on all shade purchases. They have a full line of day/night manual and power shades.
Mobileye Inc — Mobileye is offering Diesel RV Club members 10% off of the price of purchase and installation of its Colli- sion Avoidance System. Members can download and print the Discount Coupon on the from the Mem- bers Only section of our website then take it to a Mobileye Authorized Dealer. See Mobileye’s website or product information.
O’Reilly Auto Parts — Members of Diesel RV Club may take advantage of a discount program with O’Reilly Auto Parts and their 3700 stores across the nation. Members must present their DRVC membership card containing an O’Reilly program number to receive the discount on back counter parts.
Proteng Distribution, Inc — offers a 10% discount on revolutionary fire suppression parts that protect motorhome systems and passengers from unnecessary harm due to fire and from the systems in place that were supposed to protect them. Proteng devices are designed to protect machinery, engines, computer systems, electronic equipment, and other high-value assets. They require no maintenance and function automatically. 561- 716-8364.
RV Glass Solutions — RV Glass Solutions offers a 10% discount (a cap may apply) on service with a maximum of $75 per appointment. They have crews at FMCA Family Reunions as well as 2500 servicing locations across the US and Canada.
RV Satellite & Entertainment Solutions — offering a 10% discount on mobile services (not in conjunction with any other discount). RV Satellite & Entertainment provides tailored entertainment and communication solutions as an authorized dealer for Direct TV, DISH, and Winegard, as well as weBoost. Whether you are looking for a new HDTV system, improved broadcast TV, mobile internet or an automatic satellite TV system, CCC can provide you with a one-stop-solution. Check the website for the location schedule. 619-571-3393.
Other Types of Services
Overland Insurance Services — Get a free RV insurance quote online through Diesel RV Club and receive favorable treat- ment from the premier supplier of affordable Recreational Vehicle insurance for over 40 years.
RV Golf Club — RV Golf Club offers a 20% discount* on annual membership which offers free RV parking at golf courses and RV resorts with golf facilities all over North America. Members must use the link on the Diesel RV Club website to obtain the discount. (RV Golf Club will pay the Diesel RV Club a 20% referral fee for each mem- bership.)
SkyMed — SkyMed picks up where other travel plans leave off providing air ambulance membership services, medical air evacuation, emergency travel services, travel insurance, and personal concierge services without co-pays, deductibles, or claim forms. As a member of DRVC, you receive an exclusive club discount from SkyMed’s menu of policies and options.

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