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From the Rocky Mountain Rally
The annual business meeting of the Diesel RV Club was called to order by Acting President, Rod Kenly, at 11:00 a.m. An invocation was given by Coleen Elkins followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Rod Kenly.
Introductions of Chapter Officers present:
Rod Kenly, Sr. Vice President/Acting President and Ken Carpenter, Treasurer/National Director.
First Time Attendees (14) were welcomed and recognized. It was announced that this is the Chapter’s 14th year of operation. No charter members were in attendance.
The central purpose of the annual business meeting was to modify Club Bylaws and Standing Rules, add the Office of Assistant Treasurer, elect officers for those terms expiring this year, and to elect a Nominating Committee for 2018 – 2019. The Bylaws require that a minimum of 15 members be in attendance, either online or in person, to conduct business. There were a total of 74 online votes, plus 8 family member units in attendance that had not voted online. The total was 82 and sufficient to pass the quorum requirement.
The minutes of the July 2017 Business Meeting in Bremen, IN (printed in the club newsletter and posted at the meeting for review) were approved.
Treasurer’s Report:
The club’s Financial Statement for the year ending Decem- ber 31, 2017 was reviewed by the Audit Committee (Mike Alston (Chairman), Tim Gerrity, Brenda Alston, and Dave Cobb and found to be in accordance with auditing stan- dards.
The report for 2017 was available for review in the back of the room and included the following highlights.
• Current Bank Balance reflecting all operating and rally funds total: $60,855; compared to $61,891 as of December 31, 2017.
• The Board of Directors have reviewed the audit report and approved the financial statements of the Chapter for the year ending December 31, 2017.
VP Rally Coordinator Report:
Appreciation was expressed to those present for the Rocky Mountain Rally with 47 attendees in 27 coaches.
The March 2018 “Flamingos and Beaches Rally” in Jack- sonville, FL was reported on in the spring issue of Trav- elore. 41 attendees had a great time. Three couples were first timers, two couples had attended 7 rallies in 5 years.
2019 Upcoming Rallies – With the recent change by FMCA back to Perry, GA, a Spring rally site is yet to be deter- mined. Several sites are under consideration near Gaines- ville, FL and Savannah, GA. One person has volunteered to be a Rally Master, but we will still need a Co-Rally Master. The summer 2019 FMCA rally will be in Minot, ND. The Diesel Club rally site is yet to be determined. Rally Masters and Co-Rally Masters are being recruited. An incentive to serve in one of these positions is that Rally Hosts rally fee is paid by the club.
Our gratitude and thanks go out to all our Rally Masters for being great ambassadors for the Diesel RV Club.
Membership Report:
Current membership is 370 of which 302 are active and 43 have overdue renewals, down from last year when there were 472 members. We have gained 38 new members since July last year, compared to 98 new members for the prior year. One third from current member referrals – our most important recruiting tool. The decline has resulted from various factors, such as: a) FMCA no longer provid- ing contact information to support the first-year free
year program; b) members “aging out” and selling their coaches; c) having not held Caterpillar Technical Sessions or Pizza and Wine Meet and Greet recruiting activity; and d) not holding rallies close enough or timed right for mem- bers still working.
• The club maintains two Facebook pages with a total of 403 likes and 598 followers on Twitter, with an additional 171 RVillage members.
• New approach to 1st Year Free Program: First year free and open to all FMCA Members. FMCA member- ship date must be within six months of application.
• Regular and Forum Plus Memberships: There are
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