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The Officer’s Corner
Rod Kenly, President
2018 is quickly drawing to a close and winter is almost here. Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror by a few weeks and Christmas is right around the corner. I have “almost” all my Christmas shopping done. It is definitely cooling off – we had a sprinkling of snow in the Sierras that is obvious when I look out my front door. .
Right after Christmas, we will be heading for Indio, CA and the Western Area FMCA event. It has been held in Indio for the 30+ years and is always an interesting event. For sure, it feels like a reunion.
At the end of February we will be heading for the Diesel RV Club rally in Americus, Georgia March 3 - 8. Following soon after will be the FMCA winter event at Perry, Georgia which runs from March 13 - 16.
We are looking forward to all of these events. Our Diesel RV Club (along with the Carolina Pelicans) are being asked to help provide security for the event at Perry. If you sign up, you get to arrive early at the event (March 10th, which is three days in advance of the official start). FMCA really depends on volunteers – so consider signing up. These positions are sitting positions and involve the seminars, new RV display areas, etc. You should have received an email from the Club regarding this opportunity. For sure, it allows you to meet a broad range of attendees and even develop new friendships.
Our rally, Mardi Gras at the Brick Yard, is looking to be a great event. Our rally hosts are doing a great job in plan- ning this. In fact, we’ll have some new activities. I’m really looking forward to this rally and I truly hope we sell out! There is still time to register as, at present, only 13 have registered.
I am pleased to welcome the 32 new members who joined Diesel RV Club in the past month taking advantage of our 1st Year Free offer. This offer was extended to new mem- bers of FMCA who have joined since January 2018. Since the program was restructured this summer we have added a total of 52 new Diesel RV Club members. To these new members, and all members, we hope you take advantage of the opportunity to learn at our online technical forum as well as the rally seminars while enjoying your RVing adventures with us. Of course, everyone is encouraged to attend one of our rallies.
This issue of Travelore is sent to recent new FMCA mem- bers. We invite you to learn more about our Club, activities and information we offer to aid in your enjoyment of your RV; please take advantage of our 1st Year Free member- ship offer (just select the 1st Year Free option when enroll- ing at our web site).
See you down the road, hopefully at Americus or Perry —
March 14 - 10:45 a.m.
March 15 - 5:30 p.m.
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