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      Minot Meeting of the Governing Board
FMCA Report, August 2019
The Governing Board Meeting was held at the All Seasons Arena on the North Dakota State Fairgrounds in Minot, North Dakota. The meeting was preceded on the 13th with a National Director Briefing. This information session helped to more efficiently handle the volume of impor- tant business that came before the Governing Board on Wednesday, the 14th. Immediately following the briefing, a workshop was held to answer specific questions represen- tatives had prior to the business session itself.
Much of the discussion in the pre-meeting related to how members regarded FMCAssist. As to the program there was overwhelming support. How to fund this benefit while meeting other operating objectives, including the goal
to restore reserves to a sound level, was the big question to be answered. It is felt that reserve funds should be at least equal to the operating budget. FMCA’s reserves have dropped to approximately $7 million while the operating budget is at$9.1 million.
When the topic was addressed under New Business during the Governing Board meeting on Wednesday, the board voted with little opposition to increase member dues by $25 to fund FMCAssist. At the same time, the Risk Man- agement Committee was empowered to issue a “Request for Price Quotation” to a number of companies to deter- mine if there is a more favorable business partner through which this benefit could be provided. The dues increase will be implemented as quickly as possible.
Germane to this discussion was the larger number of members whose dues are paid years in advance and how it works to the detriment of accelerating the cash flow through dues increases. A motion was approved to direct the Policies and Procedures Committee to draft a change reducing the maximum number of years that can be pre- paid from six to three.
After the FMCAssist program issues were addressed, the 2020 operating budget was approved.
Standing Committee Reports were presented under Old Business. The most time consuming of which was the report of the Policy and Procedure Committee. The major- ity of these changes were in response to actions of the Governing Board in 2018 and all were adopted with minor modifications, except of a proposal related to Nominating
Committee procedures which failed. Items that were voted on included:
• Approved funding in the amount of $285,000 for
a new association management system, plus the $6,000 per month license fee, included in the 2020 budget. This purchase is to be funding with an oper- ating loan to be repaid out of cash flow.
• To hold FMCA’s winter 2020 convention in Tucson, AZ March 25-29, 2020. This contract is signed.
• To hold FMCA’s summer 2020 convention is Syra- cuse, NY July 29 – August 2, pending successful negotiations. This contract is awaiting the Governor’s signature.
• To hold FMCA’s winter 2021 Convention in Perry, Georgia pending successful negotiations.
• To hold FMCA’s summer 2021 Convention in Gil- lette, Wyoming pending successful negotiations
• To hold FMCA’s winter 2022 Convention in Tucson, AZ pending successful negotiations
The President’s Report included statistics about the net increase in family memberships over the last two years. FMCA now has approximately 80,000 active Family units and over 157,000 individual memberships.
The final item of business was the election of National Officers:
• Jon Walker was re-elected as FMCA National President
• Rett Porter was re-elected as FMCA National Senior Vice President
• Kathy Balogh was elected as FMCA National Secretary
• John Reynolds was re-elected as FMCA National Treasurer
There were 253 Chapters represented (71%), at the meet- ing from a total of 358 active chapters. The entirety of the Governing Board materials may be found on the FMCA Governance Site along with all other formal reports of the Executive Board.
Submitted by Ken Carpenter, FMCA National Director

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