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      The Officer’s Corner
Rod Kenly, President
With winter drawing to a close, we are getting ready to leave for our Spring rally. We’ll be returning to Camp Verde, Arizona and Distant Drums RV Resort. We last visited there in 2017 when FMCA had their event in the Chandler (Phoenix), Arizona area. This year, FMCA is in the Tucson at the Pima County Fairgrounds.
“Valley Rally” will be held March 15-20 in the heart of Arizona’s Verde Valley. If you haven’t been in the Camp Verde area before, there are lots of things to see. Though it is a day’s drive from the Grand Canyon it isn’t a day trip— more like three days.
The Valley Rally should be a great event. I’m looking for- ward to Tim Gerrity providing the maintenance seminar. At the request of several members, I have put together a presentation on having a firearm in the RV. This is a first time for that presentation and I hope to receive a lot of feedback.
At the end of our rally, we will be heading south four hours to the FMCA Convention and RV Expo at Tucson, Arizona. “Sunsets and Saguaros” is the 101st FMCA event and will be March 26-29 at the Pima County Fairgrounds (south
of Tucson on I-10). We hope this will be a big event, with well over 2,000 coaches planned. I understand that the full hook ups are already sold out, but lots of 30A and 50A spots are available – and some great entertainment. I’m looking forward to seeing “Three Dog Night”. I last saw them in 1974!
DRVC along with the Beaver & Friends Volunteer Security Chapter are being asked to help provide security for the event at Tucson. If you sign up, you get to arrive early
at the event - Mar 12th or 13th - a few days prior to the start of the Sunsets & Saguaros Convention. FMCA really depends on volunteers – so consider signing up. These positions are sitting positions, at seminars, new coach areas, etc. Volunteer Security Information and Signup.
The DRVC pre rally is looking to be a great event also. Our rally folks are doing a great job in planning this. Really looking forward to this event, and I hope we sell out!
As at a previous FMCA convention, DRVC will have a block party spot at the Tucson FMCA rally where we will have our ”normal” Pizza Party, wine, beer, soda extravaganza. You can sign up for the Block Party. We will send an email
invitation or you can sign up by going to https://dieselrv- Of course, we will send out an email at the rally telling you where our block party spot is located.
New members (and all our members), we hope you take advantage of what DRVC offers not the least of which is the technical forum. In addition, we continue our tradi- tion of having seminars as a focus for our rallies. I really encourage you to attend the rallies and enjoy the camara- derie that is experienced.
FMCA has selected the location of the 2020 Conven-
tion and RV Expo — Lincoln Nebraska. We have already started working the location of our Summer rally. We need wagon masters to help in the planning and running of the rally. Under consideration is a dinner cruise on the Mis- souri River. More info to follow! Though Janet Stehr is serving as our Rally Master, she is looking for additional help. Please contact us, if you would like to assist. There are benefits involved for helping out.
See you down the road—
                                                                                                       Join us for the journey!

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