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Access to Forum from DRVC’s Website Simplified
With a keen awareness that today’s internet user has grown used to instantaneous response when searching for an answer, Ken Carpenter has worked to provide one-click access from Diesel RV Club’s forum page to a topical area of the Forum. The implementation is a time-saver look
for a particular area of interest. To add to the ease of use and enhance the look and feel, Byron Songer developed a series of icons that present a cohesive look. The icons are presented above. The linked areas are described below.
AIR DELIVERY SYSTEMS: All about your air intake system–from the side or rear of the coach, air filter, turbo, CAC and plumbing.
COOLING SYSTEMS: All about your cooling system–water pump, thermostat(s), coolant and coolant testing, recom- mended maintenance, cleaning the CAC and radiator, etc.
DRIVING & OPERATIONAL: The “how-to” of driving a diesel pusher. How to improve MPG, how to climb and descend a grade, recommended engine warm-up and shut down, etc.
ENGINE DIAGNOSTICS: Modern Engine Diagnostics use a standardized, digital communications port to provide realtime data in addition to a standardized series of diag- nostic trouble codes, or DTCs, which allow one to rapidly identify and remedy malfunctions within the vehicle. These and other Engine Diagnostics topics are listed here.
ELECTRICAL & FUEL DIAGRAMS: The engine fuel system and electrical wiring diagrams. For alternator and coach wiring discussion, see Other RV Systems.
ENGINE RECALLS: Partial summary of engine recalls is included in this category.
ENGINE SPECS: Engine specifications for diesel engines are covered for Caterpillar and Cummins Engines.
ENGINE BRAKING: Engine Compression/Exhaust brake maintenance, troubleshooting and when to use.
FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM: All about fuel filters, priming the fuel system, fuel additives, etc.
LUBRICATION SYSTEMS: All about oil, your lubrication system, oil capacities, dipstick calibration, etc.
OTHER RV SYSTEMS: Discussions about electrical, engine driven A/C, belts, belt tensioners, etc.
ROUTINE MAINTENANCE: Discussions about recom- mended maintenance issues: Valve adjustment, fan hub grease zirk, etc.
STORING YOUR RV: What to do when storing your coach to minimize problems. Fuel additives, full/empty tank, etc.
HEY DAVE TECH HELP: Hey, Dave, I’ve Got a Problem - Got a problem and don’t know what to do? If so, post it here and Dave will respond. Dave’s advice and guidance have saved members thousands of dollars.
AROUND THE FIRERING: Feel free to talk about anything and everything RV related to this discussion board. Oh, and keep it compliant with your user agreement. :>)
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