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      The Officer’s Corner
Rod Kenly, President
The 4th of July has come and gone. We are now fully into the summer across the USA. The year of 2020 is half over, with enough things going on to last a decade. Whew!
For Sharon and me, it started with the Western Area rally in Indio, CA. It went very well. The weather was great, just slightly cooler than normal. It was still T-shirt and shorts weather (remember, it was January!)
Then we had the DRVC rally at Camp Verde (read about it in another article). This was supposed to be the rally as the prelude to the FMCA winter rally in Tucson. The spread
of the novel corona virus was just beginning to make the news right before our rally. The result was several people canceled.
The FMCA event was cancelled in the midst of conduct- ing our DRVC rally. That threw a monkey wrench into the whole month. RV campgrounds closed, rest are as closed, and everyone had to change their plans on the fly. We had to go home, which was difficult, and start the self quar- antine process. As a matter of fact, as we drove home, we only saw truckers and trains. I don’t think we saw more than three cars and one motorhome along the way home.
For FMCA, this had a major impact. Not only was the winter rally cancelled but the country started shutting down hard. This resulted in FMCA cancelling the summer family reunion and convention which meant cancelling our DRVC rally in Nebraska City.
Since the Club’s summer rally is also our annual business meeting, in which the officers are elected, we now have to conduct the polling electronically. So, by now you should have received other communications on how to cast an electronic ballot and, perhaps, take action on other items.
Now, for some good news. Our VP Rally Coordinator (Janet Staehr) has secured the locations for next winter and summer. We are going to Lake Park, Georgia in Feb- ruary and Cody, Wyoming for the summer rally. Watch Travelore for further information.
As you may have read in the FMCA magazine, FMCA is struggling budget wise due to the COVID-19 pandemic and all that it impacts. The officers will let you know of critical data as we become aware. Right now, FMCA is doing a lot of work on the budget to get things under con- trol. For sure, it is probably the greatest challenge they’ve ever faced since the organization began many years ago.
By saying “please stay safe” it carries more seriousness of intent than normal. Perhaps, then, this is one thing we can learn from the situation; to be smart careful about what we do since we can only take life one day at a time.
See you down the road—
                                                                                                          Join us for the journey!

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