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Valley Rally Report
destinations and lessons learned. She also distributed and discussed a Medical Information and In Case of Emer- gency handout created by Joanne Fadale, FMCA #59552, a Charter Member of the Diesel RV Club. Joanne created the handout for the Go Bag seminar at FMCA. A Copy of this handout can be found on the DRVC website.
The charity for this rally was the Yavapai Apache Nation Food Bank. A total of $450 was raised through 50/50 ticket sales and from the silent auction (it really wasn’t silent as Rod encouraged price increases to help the cause). Members provide a wide range of auction items which included apparel, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, a water soft- ener and several bottles of wine.
A Big Shout Out goes to Ron & Happy Treml, our Co-Rally Masters. With a background in catering and events, they were on top of everything and provided caring and atten- tive service along with volunteers a Rally Master certifi- cate worth 50% off of the fee for a future rally. Thank you Ron & Happy.
Happy and Ron Treml were the rally- masters that did a fine job of planning and carrying out a great rally.
Tim Gerrity conducted the diesel tech session, a rather comprehensive presen- tation on care and maintenance.
Michele Castle, winner of the Poker Run was presented with a gift card.

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