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  • post Destination- Nova Scotia bound
  • Left NH last night instead. Stopped for the night at a 24 hr service plaza outside Augusta. Towing the toad for the 1st time. I'm ready to rock.
  • post Power Gear
  • Why's that?
  • post Blue OX Poor Customer Service
  • I'm not familiar with this system but will say, why didn't you simply run a charge line from the motorhome and wire the Patriot as designed? I underst...
  • post they have a mind of there own
  • no, In 9 years it has never done this. Something new to deal with. we have always started the engine brought in the slides and then pushed that jack...
  • post 3126b cat low power, vibration and excessive blow by
  • As posted above, the Diesel RV Club is an FMCA Chapter. Dave Atherton, a retired Caterpillar tech is to GO TO man: http://forum.dieselrvclub.org/inde...

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This forum is provided by the Diesel RV Club, an FMCA Chapter, and is an unofficial effort to enhance communication and exchange ideas and is open to anyone with an interest in Diesel Engines.

This site is not designed to be nor can it be the official communication tool to any diesel engine manufacturer (e.g, Caterpillar Corporation, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes Benz, or Navistar) nor can it be a substitute for calling the engine manufacturer's service hotline. The customer service and/or hotline numbers are:

  • Caterpillar RV Service Hotline at 877-777-3126.
  • Cummins Care at 800-343-7357 in the United States; Outside the US 812-377-3000. Cummins Power - Coach Care.
  • Detroit Diesel / Mercedes Benz at 800-445-1980; Mercedes Benz Sprinter - 877-762-8267
  • Navistar at 331-332-5000

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