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* Boogey Lights

Boogey Lights is offering a 10% discount on its Hi-Intensity LED lighting solutions designed for outdoor use on RVs purchased online or by calling 800.847.1359.

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* Coach Supply Direct

Coach Supply offers a 5% discount off on all of their already competitively priced products listed on website. 800-589-7251.

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* Fire & Life Safety

Mac the Fire Guy is offering a 10% Valued Partner discount on RV Fire Safety equipment and supplies. 503-559-7623.

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* MCD Innovations

MCD is offering a 10% discount on all shade purchases. They offer a full line of day/night manual and power shades. 972.548.1850.

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* O’Reilly’s Auto Parts

O'Reilly Auto Parts stores, an auto parts store with over 3,700 stores nationwide offers members a discount program on Back Counter Parts, such as thermostats, alternators, batteries, etc. The discount will depend on what you buy and on how much all members use the program -- the more we use it over time the greater discount in future years.

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* Proteng Distribution

PROTENG® offers a revolutionary fire suppression device originally created to protect valuable racecars and priceless drivers from unnecessary harm due to fire AND from the systems in place that were supposed to protect them. Many fire suppression systems caused harm to both the cars and the drivers due to the dangerous chemicals in the extinguishing agents. Proteng Distribution is offering Diesel RV Club members a 10% discount on regular priced parts and will also offer quarterly specials. Proteng devices are designed to protect machinery, engines, computer systems, electronic equipment, and other high-value assets. They require no maintenance and function automatically. 561-716-8364.

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* RV Glass Solutions

RV Glass Solutions offers a 10% discount on service with a maximum of $75 per service appointment. 2500 service locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. 888.777.6778.

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