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Too much oil added... Cummins ISL
« on: December 02, 2017, 11:15:16 AM »
Yearly LOF in Oregon a few months back. We drove the from Eugene to San Diego ~1K miles. Did not notice any excess oil on the toad, a white CRV so it would show well.

RV has been parked since we got back, until last weekend when we pulled it out for an exercise run of coach and all systems. When I pulled the coach out, I found that oil had leaked out from under the engine.

Got under it to day, hoping to see a oil filter that needed a snug up, or that perhaps my Fumoto valve had leaked some. Possible that the Fumoto is the source of the leak, but not able to confirm this 100%. Simple Green spray and cleaned the area and valve. And will check after a run of the coach tomorrow.

However, while crawling around underneath the engine (With all safety steps taken:)!) with the flashlight, I noted the slobber tube was real moist, and the area around also covered with oil. Got up out from under, and checked the oil level. It was about two quarts above the Cold Fill line. And with ~55K of experience with this ISL, I know it seems to like to run about two quarts low. (The first two LOF's we added oil to the Cold Fill line, and within 1 to 2K miles, it was always down to about two quarts below the Cold Fill line. And would remain that way until the next LOF. This specific engine, likes to run on the low side (Or also very possible that the dip stick is not the proper unit for the engine.) I filed a little notch and marking of where it seems to like to run.)

OK - So even after 1K drive home, it's about four quarts above where it usually likes to run. Is it a bad assumption that the Slobber Tube is helping shed this higher fill of the oil. Would you recommend just running it with the 2 - 4 quarts high oil volume until it reaches it's happy fill zone level? Or, should I have a few quarts drained out? (Engine performs well, again no obvious signs of oil smoking out anywhere. And I've never had anything at all drip while parked (This is/was clean stain free concrete until this occurrence, a new slab.)) Would driving it with this much oil put undue pressure on the seals and gaskets?

TIA for any input, and best to all,

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Re: Too much oil added... Cummins ISL
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2017, 12:15:12 PM »

Two quarts overfilled should not be too big a deal.

Like many, you might make a "catch bottle" for the crankcase breather (AKA slobber tube).  Two quart plastic bottles work well.  I use a hot punch to melt holes around and just down from the top.  IMPORTANT:  total surface area of the hoses must exceed the ID of the breather hose so you don't restrict air flow.

I tie mine in place on the tube.  Some add a non-rusting mesh like bronze wool or ss wool.  Again, OK as long as it does not restrict air flow. 

At oil change interval, I remove it and clean-- usually get a couple of tablespoons of oil and if I have driven in rain, probably some dirty water in it as well.


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Re: Too much oil added... Cummins ISL
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2017, 10:39:45 AM »
Just closing the loop back on this one. Thanks Brett!

I did get the flashlight out, and cleaned the bottom of the engine and drain plug area of residual oils. Waited about about 7-8 days, and rechecked the bottom of the engine and fresh cardboard I'd placed under the engine. No new oil on the engine area, especially nice to confirm the oil drain valve was not leaking:)! Had what was probably less then 10-15 more drops of oil staining the cardboard under the slobber tube. So that confirmed forms that that was the only source of dripping.

Have a large jar of old Skippy Peanut Butter cleaned and ready, Will be doing the drilling of a hole large enough to slide the tube in thru the lid of the jar. Place the hose clamp on the tube to hold the lid/jar up from falling off. (Yep, and not tight enough to restrict the ID breathing.) Drilling excess breathing holes around the remainder of the lid, and for good measure, 6 more 3/8" holes up on the top edge of the jar too, about 1/2 down from the lid. In the bottom of the jar, I'll lay three or four layers of cut to shape absorbent material from some pads my DW has from some project a few years ago. (Have enough to cut about 45 of these pads to shape, and will stick the remainder in a ziplock for future usage over the years.) Screw the jar onto the lid, and should be good to go.

Relieved it's all from the slobber tube:)!

Best to all,

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Re: Too much oil added... Cummins ISL
« Reply #3 on: December 19, 2017, 05:13:32 PM »
Smitty, Thanks for the update it  sounds like a good fix.
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