Author Topic: Changing out Racor/Winn 200200 Fuel filter, lines are bad  (Read 651 times)

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Changing out Racor/Winn 200200 Fuel filter, lines are bad
« on: September 11, 2019, 10:49:03 PM »
On my 2000 Safari Continental 3126B I have a lot of air being pulled into the fuel/water separator system. The clear bowl is only about 1/4 full. I know from posts here and searches that this is a common problem with the original fuel/water separator. To remedy this I bought the Racor 790R30 filter system and am trying to install this. The fuel lines to the (secondary... I am assuming that the 4/red micron filter is the secondary, as it is the second filter in the fuel cleaning path) 4/red micro filter look good... they are marked Cat and have an embedded number, no surprise they are excellent quality after 20 years. However the primary 30 micron filter lines are cracked and one has a hose clamp on the inlet side to the filter. I think this was a make shift attempt to repair in the past. These fuel lines both have to be changed. Can anyone tell me where these lines run to. One goes to the inlet and the other comes off the outlet of the old Racor/Win system. Does either one of them go all the way back to the fuel tank or is there a pump in between? And I also would have thought the second line should go to the secondary filter but it doesn't. It disappears somewhere into the loom. I realize this should also be a a 2 micron filter, from Dave's advice, but this is how I got the coach and I will change that to a 2 micron once the 1st/primary/main filter is changed out.

1. Can someone tell me what the best way to replace these lines are?
2. Is there a wiring diagram available for the racor panel. Racor says that it will work with the water purge and sensor light but some mod has to be done, can anyone advice on what that wiring would be?

Thanks in advance for the advice and help.

Robert and Bev Lewis
2000 Safari Continental, since 2017
3126B Cat, 330hp
MD3060 Allison

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Re: Changing out Racor/Winn 200200 Fuel filter, lines are bad
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2019, 06:05:08 PM »
Robert, I’m trying to figure out just what you have in pictures. . Which is the primary and
secondary fuel,filters. . It appears the lower filter is the secondary fuel filter and the one
on the right top is the primary fuel filter. First let me help you and explain how the fuel from
the fuel tank is plumbed. There should be a 1/2 fuel hose which comes from fuel tank in
front to  fuel filter on the right under suction ( this is called the primary.fuel filter ) the fuel
Exits the primary fuel filter  and goes to the inlet side of the fuel transfer pump and again
This fuel line is under suction. Next location of fuel pump is on the back of what is called
The Heui pump and is a mechanical pump. Ok, look at the back of the Heui pump where
The inlet fuel hose is connected, you will see another fuel hose connected to the fuel transfer
pump same size as the inlet fuel hose. ( this hose is your discharge hose that goes to your
secondary fuel filter and this fuel line is under pressure from the fuel transfer pump.). Follow
this fuel hose it should connect to that secondary fuel filter inlet port and again remember
this fuel hose is under pressure. There is another hose fitting that exits the secondary fuel
Filter under pressure and connects to the fitting on the engine that is connected to the fuel
Rail that supply’s fuel to all the injectors than exits engine on back of engine through what
 called return fuel pressure regulator check valve than back to fuel tank in front of motorhome . My
Suggestion remove that lower fuel filter setup and but a caterpillar 1R-0751 2 micron only
for your engine on along with filter base and fittings cost about $ 115.00 and install a what is called a hand primer pump on the secondary filter base. And you will be done . Last the
Racor Air bleed hose disconnect.qnd remove .read this carefully again and you will see if
system is installed correct. Last the 1R-0751 2 micron fuel filter if not used you will remove the engine fail safe system from your engine and is very very important. His should answer
any questions on your fuel,system. Last point to remember air within the fuel system will
cause low power and air will cause injector problems because injectors are cooled by the
Engine diesel fuel . Ask a Dave, Dave Atherton Retired Cat Mechanic

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Re: Changing out Racor/Winn 200200 Fuel filter, lines are bad
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2019, 08:52:12 PM »

Thank you very much... it makes sense now. The small water filter in the bottom left is an air dryer for the horn, step and air gauge. The white filter is the primary filter middle top left, which is the old Racor 200200 and this is leaking a lot of air. The secondary filter is the Red bottom right filter and I will change the Red 4 micron to a 2 Micron Cat filter, this is a Cat filter base assembly and cables already, someone just went cheap on changing the filter. This installation was how it was when I inherited/bought the coach. I looked all over for the fuel suction pump and couldn't find it, now I will look again at the back of the HEUI pump.

Thanks again