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Cummins – General Coolant Information
« on: September 24, 2019, 06:57:30 AM »
Selection of engine coolant must be based on the engine model and application:
The selection of engine coolant must be based on the engine model and application, as recommended in this document. Improper selection could lead to the following:
•   Degradation of elastomeric materials (see note)
•   Corrosion
•   Cylinder liner cavitation
•   Interaction with coolant system metals.
Coolant types should not be mixed in the engine. Mixing coolant formulations could result in critical additive depletion and unpredictable performance.

Note: This post should be read along with Cummins Coolant Sensor Level Issues as it relates to the use of Extended Life Coolants.

Read the attached Cummins announcements for additional details.
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