Author Topic: CAT 3126B 330hp, looking for oil supply to use in bypass centrifuge filter  (Read 329 times)

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Hi Dave or anyone that might help.

I have an air driven Spinner II 976 oil bypass filter that I want to install on my Safari 2000 3126B engine and am having a difficult time finding an oil feed source for the filter. I worked on ships and they used centrifuge filters all the time so this is not new technology, but the distributor has been little help. Here is the problem I hope has an answer.

The feed inlet oil line to the bypass filter should be 3/8" ID although 1/4" might be OK.

I have been told that there is a manifold for the two oil sensors on the left side of the engine and that there is extra ports/plugs, but.... I can't find the oil sensors or the manifold.
I thought they would be on the left (passenger side) but even with a camera scope I can't see them.
I started to take off the starter to see if that would give access but ... the top stud on the starter is impossible to take off unless (this is a guess) the entire ECM mounting plate is removed. I don't want to mess with the cables and ECM just on speculation.
There appears to be a good return line to the pan on the left side on the pan, a 3/4 hex plug.

Should I remove the oil filter and tap into the oil filter plate with a BOR fitting? Or is there any other way to do this. I saw that CAT did have a remote filter setup but which might have been a solution but expensive and I can't locate the filter mounting.

Any advice would be appreciated. TIA


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Belwis9991, my suggestion in present oil routing  with the Heui type injection system Would not be interested in any change within the caterpillar OEM system. The caterpillar oil filter 1R- 1808
oil filter has never been a problem other than stories off the internet. Basic you are gaining nothing and cannot extend the service time in between oil changes. If in question about what your engine oil is doing ,take a oil sample after each oil change and review particle count will show show you what is happening within your engine. Ask Dave, Dave Atherton Retired Cat Mechanic