Author Topic: The DEF Level, Quality and Temp sensors are failing at a dramatic level.  (Read 369 times)

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Information Item: Those of us with newer MH’s that use DEF are experiencing a big issue.  The DEF Level, Quality and Temp sensors are failing at a dramatic level.  We were climbing White Pass in Washington State when ours alarmed.  No place to  pull over so we climbed to the summit slowly and finally had a cell signal to call Cummins.  I gave them the code and was given the thumbs up to make it to Yakima.  Monday morning we took it to Cummins service where the diagnosed the problem as a DEF sensor.  Our chassis MFR Spartan told them the sensor issue was widespread and they had a long backlog of MH’s, Fire Trucks and other vehicles so the wait would be 2-3 weeks.  I called our Spartan rep and he said they would upgrade my case to Emergency Roadside so Cummins got the sensor in 3 days and we were back on the road.  A search on Google affirmed Tiffin, Entegra and Newmar as well as others were all affected and thousands were experiencing the same issue.  Camping “boondock” style in the Cummins parking lot during 100+ degree heat and running the generator 24x7 for 4 days was an interesting experience.  I also bought a Garmin emergency texting device that uses Iridium so we could communicate with emergency services when no cell is available.  Full Time RV life can be real trying at times.  God Bless and hope to see y’all soon.

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I sent this to my local chapter members who do not use the forum, and got this response from a Tiffin owner who lives in SW FL:

"As they say- been there, done that! Mine failed a year or so ago. Had a check engine light and exhaust fault light on the dash. No performance problems. Called Cummins, gave them the codes, and was told to call Tiffin as the exhaust was not their product, but added by the manufacturer. Tiffin knew of the problems and was sent to North Trail in Ft. Myers. Said the DEF is highly caustic and causes havoc with the components. Tiffin's solution is to replace the entire unit, but the parts had to come from Red Bay. Oddly enough, the unit Tiffin uses is manufactured just south of Ft. Myers, but it took three days shipping from Alabama.
No problems since. They did advise to use bottled DEF and not from the truck stop pump, due to the chance of contamination."
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