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Are your tires g670 series, if they are try a search on "Goodyear tire revering"

Has the wheel balance been checked?

Some tire wear patterns once worn on a tire will take many miles to wear off once the root cause is corrected.

We have a 2015 Fleetwood Expedition 41X -freightliner ADL v ride rear suspension
At about 24k miles, I noticed abnormal wear pattern on the outside tread only of both front tires & an increasingly very bumpy ride.  on e had an upcoming appointment for annual service, so I called Gaffney for advise.
 The technician said it sounded like normal wear on a Goodyear tires. He suggested that we let some air out of the tires to help even out the wear a bit, I guess. We had weighed our coach and always kept the tires inflated per the recommendations in the manual, but we let a little air out of both front tires as he suggested. It did not seem to make a difference.
 I updated our appointment to include examination of the tires & an alignment if they thought it was necessary.
 At Gaffney, the tech said that the tires were not unsafe and rotating and aligning it would not be beneficial. No other suggestions were made……
On our trip back to Florida on good roads that felt like washboard because of the tires, we decided to take the coach to a tire dealership to evaluate the situation. Goodyear denied that this wear was normal for these tires. They also said the tires were safe, however because the ride was horrible, we replaced the two front tires and had the alignment checked. . They said there was no adjustment they could do to correct what might have been responsible for the tire problem.
 The thrust angle on the real Axle is off by -23 degrees. The tire tech suggested it might be a problem with the bushings behind the rear axle. Does anyone out there know if this would be something connected a possible problem with the V-ride suspension?

Is this something that can be fixed? We are asking first here, because our neighbors at Gaffney with a 2017 motorhome on a v-ride chassis were there to have the v-ride repaired because of some problems that were happening on some of those chassis. Just trying to get info so we have a better idea about possible problems and solutions. We were not at all impressed with our experience at Gaffney. We felt that they should have suggested some solutions instead of simply blaming Goodyear.
 Vickie and Jon
Other Systems / Re: Onan QD7500
« Last post by ziggyh on Today at 11:32:59 AM »
My QD7500 does not slide out either, I was able to drive the front wheels on 5 inch ramps I made. I lowered the genset with a trans floor jack.  That gave me enough room to get the panels off.  They must be removed in a sequence to get to where you need to be. I had to change the coolant tank as they had issues with them cracking.
Other Systems / Re: Anyone had a rerate performed on their Cat engine?
« Last post by ziggyh on Today at 11:20:39 AM »
Interested as well in the out come if you do the flash.

I had installed a tuner on a friends c7 and he did say he had noticed an improvement on acceleration.  He sold the Motorhome shortly after and when I asked him if he wanted to chip his new ride he wasn't keen on the idea, it was not on warranty so that was not the issue.
I had my 2006 C13 uprated from 525 to about 600 by an outfit in Utah.  Works great but I do have to watch the EGT I installed and the coolant temp on long long pulls.  The cooling system isn't adequate for full power in that situation if it's hot outside.  I'm towing an 18,000 lb trailer.  Still very worth the money spent in better fuel economy alone.  I doubt a cat uprate will change things the way an outside tuner can.
Other Systems / Re: Anyone had a rerate performed on their Cat engine?
« Last post by Charlie/Susie on Yesterday at 05:55:27 PM »
Building race engines you know how much it costs to add mods to increase HP, its not cheap. To gain 55 HP for $500.00 is a definite bargain. You also realize that a 20% increase in HP also puts extra strain on all components of the engine and drive train not just the obvious. Would like to know if the torque increase would match the HP increase. Being diesel gearheads we know these engines are over built and can take a lot. Good luck and can't wait to hear how things work out.   Charlie.
Cooling System / Re: Caterpillar C7 needs new waterpump
« Last post by WILDEBILL308 on Yesterday at 05:24:19 PM »
I do all my own work and most of the time I can get it running afterwards. ;D
Other Systems / Re: Onan QD7500
« Last post by Charlie/Susie on Yesterday at 05:16:24 PM »
Thanks a lot for the info, took me awhile to get back to the forum. I have 1,055 hours on the gen. so I guess I don't need to worry. Except the part about changing the belt. My gen. is not a slide-out and the panels are going to be a - well you know. Thanks again, Charlie.
Cooling System / Re: Caterpillar C7 needs new waterpump
« Last post by antiqueclockservice on Yesterday at 11:12:55 AM »
I do my own work mainly because when I am done, I know it is done right.

Cooling System / Re: Caterpillar C7 needs new waterpump
« Last post by Brett Wolfe on Yesterday at 11:04:41 AM »

You will find that quite a lot of us here at the Diesel RV Club do our own service work as well.

Many DECADES of hands-on diesel pusher service experience on here.
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