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Engine Specifications / Re: Cat 3126 to 3126 B or E
« Last post by David.e.atherton on Yesterday at 09:42:56 PM »
Chris, the going rate to remove engine $ 4,500 to $ 5, now the same cost to put engine back in motorhome. Add that on top of your first quote or even the amount you spent for parts
not counting your labor. When all this is over and engine running you just put $ 20,000 in
your piggy bank. Ask Dave, Dave Atherton Retired Cat Mechanic
Engine Specifications / Re: Cat 3126 to 3126 B or E
« Last post by gracerace on Yesterday at 11:11:43 AM »
WARNING, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!...........Oh yah, I did do it at home!

In, cheery picker worked awesome. Completely assembled. Just have to hook stuff up, coolant, hoses,oil pan and oil
Other Systems / Re: Kwikee steps
« Last post by Captpar on Yesterday at 10:03:04 AM »
Had to buy new gear assembly and install all works good now.
Engine Specifications / Re: Cat 3126 to 3126 B or E
« Last post by gracerace on September 15, 2018, 09:12:58 AM »
Thanks Dave, that is the conclusion I came too, especially after listening to you. As a RV tech (retired) still doing repairs, I find the same thing on house equipment repairs. Techs just throw parts at a problem and charge big bucks.

And as Dave said, buy only Cat parts. I bought a import injector actuator control valve. It wouldn't even let the engine start.I switched with my old one back and forth 3 times, it was bad. It was a year after purchase, so I couldn't return it. Cat part was $250.00. I found a NOS on ebay, still in the box $100.00 delivered.

Same with a Cat block heater,is $130.00 from Cat. Found a NOS one on Ebay, $30.00 delivered. Just do the research.On the other hand, some import stuff is more. Not all Cat parts prices are bad.

I had a customer return from a So. Cal winter trip. His slide was giving him grief. A Mobile RV repair place told him he needed 2 new motors and a harness. $6 K to repair. I spent 3 hours, finding and repairing a pinched wire in the  potentiometer part of the harness.At $90.00 an hr, charged him $270.00.

I won't name the company in Spokane publicly, but a dealer I help took a motor home in for a gen set repair (I am not trained on gen set's). They kept it 4 months this summer, all during their selling season. I finally helped them go get it. The company replaced the board (after they said the 1st one was faulty). Then the regulator. It still does not run, they charged them $2100.00 dollars.I knew exactly what happened. They threw parts at it, because they didn't know what they were doing. When it didn't work, they put it aside, so they could make money on something more simple.

My neighbor had a brand name jack fail (not HWH). It was a simple spring inside. Otherwise fine. Can not buy the part. Had to buy a complete new jack. With my dealer discount, it was $900.00.

Same with a slide motor for a customer. A gear broke inside. Can't buy the gear. Tried to have one made. $750.00 my cost for a motor. All it was is a cheap Chinese $50.00 motor and gear.Gave it to them for cost, because I felt bad for them.

I hear this time and time again.So question everything. Overhead for these business's is very high. Employee wages are too. They are forced to charge big bucks, and you end up paying for the tech's training.

Sorry to be negative. Was sharing this to protect you if you are a RV owner and are reading this.

Thanks Again, Chris
Engine Specifications / Re: Cat 3126 to 3126 B or E
« Last post by David.e.atherton on September 15, 2018, 07:23:09 AM »
gracerace,  one thing you mention in your post that you touched on that I feel should
be expanded upon. The saying ( oh you have one of those throwaway Cat engines.)
I been around Caterpillar engines for over 40 years and remember when the 3100 series
coming  into play and schooling with a Diesel engine with out a injection pump or push rods
to operate the injectors. The 3100 series engine is a cast block engine with harden steel
steel pressed  into engine block. This is where the throwaway statement started, however
like any rebuild these steel sleeves can be machined out and new ones pressed back in.
The cost per cylinder hole is about the same as removal wet sleeve in higher H.P. engines.
I find without proper training on the Injection system because of no injection pump or push
rod for injectors or timing marks as in mechanical older engines ( this area where many
mechanics are very weak and throw parts at repair,). Caterpillar built this electronic engine
looking ahead that is very popular and trouble free engine for many many miles ahead.
Many seem the use of aftermarket parts, aftermarket filters etc. The answer to this is no
Use of all OEM parts for the long trouble route to take. The Diesel Club forum has access
for all technical information and part numbers for all of the Caterpillar engine used in your
motorhome today to assist members. Last in closing this term throwaway engine is in
operation everyday still being built and rebuilt. Just ask Caterpillar dealer the cost for exchange
for, failed engine core for rebuild. There is not a Caterpillar engine built that is a throwaway
engine. Ask Dave, Dave Atherton Retired Cat Mechanic
Exhaust Brake/Engine Compression Brake / Re: PAC Brake troubleshooting
« Last post by Ken Carpenter on September 15, 2018, 07:01:03 AM »
PW brake support number is tel:8006630096
Exhaust Brake/Engine Compression Brake / Re: PAC Brake troubleshooting
« Last post by Brett Wolfe on September 15, 2018, 06:51:44 AM »
I have found PacBrake to be pretty good on the phone in diagnosing product problems.

Have you run this by them?
Engine Specifications / Re: Cat 3126 to 3126 B or E
« Last post by gracerace on September 14, 2018, 06:23:26 PM »
Thanks Brett, you were very helpful with this undertaking

Thanks Dave, you were so much help. Anyone that wants to tackle it, it's not that bad. Just took time.
Dave is correct, if possible, do your home work. Caterpillar wanted 20K, just to repair my engine the same way I did myself. Even more for a complete reman. engine.

Lastly, when it got down to it, genuine Caterpillar parts were actually comparable in price when shopping. But there are also many NOS Cat parts on Ebay, for 1/4 the price.Import stuff is junk, stay away. Cat parts were packaged nicely, and high quality,always in stock.Something Dave also taught me.

It took awhile to understand Cats parts manual online, but once I did, it was simple. It told you how many of each item you needed, just click on item.I used Western States Caterpillar, they have many stores in the NW.

2 other places I recommend:

Power Machine Service in Spokane Washington did the machine work. Highly recommended

Northwest Diesel parts, was super professional, and gave me a complete written quote for a reman. engine. They are in Portland Oregon. Almost went with them. Complete engine with head and cam $6500.00 (exchange, parts only)

Found many low mile complete engine, of the correct vin# series on the internet for 6-8K delivered with warranty. They were dyno'd and rod's checked.

Several reputable places locally, would have R&R'd the engine for 1-2K. Still a fair deal, less then 10K, with a lower mileage engine.

To be honest, I was unhappy with cat engines when this happened. Probably when I kept hearing "It's a throw away motor". That is because it doesn't have cylinder liners, not a bad thing, just makes it harder to repair in chassis.
After dealing with my Cat dealer, and seeing the engine inside, I realize it is well designed, and built with quality parts with great support behind it.
Not something I wanted to do, but we now have a new engine.
Engine Specifications / Re: Cat 3126 to 3126 B or E
« Last post by David.e.atherton on September 14, 2018, 05:46:52 PM »
Point very well said total cost for parts and your labor $ 3,500.This is not a suprise on
my part but this past  2 years,  I have been involved in on 10 Cat engines 3126 to C-9
complete engine repair using mix and match of usable parts on engine that failed. What
the above engines out the door repair $ 28, 500 to $ 33,000 dollars. These numbers are
Very inflated and only getting higher as time moves on for a reman or rebuilt engine. The
down side to all repairs many of us cannot preform repairs and locked into service shops.
We are not mechanics.but before anything happens at repair shop, Contact the Diesel
Club forum and get some one one advise on direction that may be very helpful moving
forward with service repair shops. ask Dave, Dave Atherton Retired Cat Mechanic
Engine Specifications / Re: Cat 3126 to 3126 B or E
« Last post by Brett Wolfe on September 14, 2018, 12:33:53 PM »
Thanks for the update.

Looks like an excellent job.
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