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Excessive oil blowby
« on: February 17, 2005, 02:27:01 PM »
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Sorry, if this is an old, beat up topic.
Finding excessive (to me and my white toad) oil blowby on our '01 Harney and its 3126B engine, I ultimately install the 2 qt ventilated plastic bottle on the end of the hose. Many of us have apparently done this or something like it, after talking with many of us on the road.
In the PowerTrain Q&A column in the March '05 MotorHome magazine, page 106+, there are two letters regarding this problem, both with Cummins engines. One of them solve the problem with a warranty-covered installation of a Fleetguard Crankcase Ventilation System (Model CV50106), which recovers the oil escaping into the breather and returns it to the crankcase. The comment was made in the letter that, " ... this device (ventilation system) has applications across many diesel ... engines." Does anyone know of this device and its application to a 3126? Anyone using it? At what price? Does it require any maintenance? Tom Mosher