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Nominating Committee Seeks Your Aid
receive, safeguard, and hold all chapter funds in the name of the Chapter and are its trustees and fiscal agents. The Treasurers keep an accurate account of all Chapter funds and render reports on the same at each business meeting of the Chapter’s membership. The Treasurers assists rally masters in expense management and reimbursement as outlined in the Rally Master Handbook and in preparing a financial report of rally funds.
Alternate National Director — The Alternate National Director serves in the absence of the National Director with respect to participation on FMCA’s Governing Board which includes voting during Governing Board meetings. In addition, assistance in keeping the Chapter informed of items pertaining to FMCA is also desired.
IN SUMMARY - The technical forums, the newsletters, the great rallies, merchandise, and our valued partner initiatives are some of the benefits made possible because members like you have volunteered their time and energy for the benefit of all of us. We are sure that inside most of us are many more great ideas that would benefit the club in more new and exciting ways.
Please volunteer yourself or another club member for one of these positions by submitting your name for consider- ation to Rod Kenly, President.
We thank you for considering your involvement and input.
DRVC Nominating Committee,
Jerry Elkins, Coleen Elkins, Dale Brouillete, Emily Brouillete, and Susan Gerrity.
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