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 The Officer’s Corner
Rod Kenly, President
Father’s Day has come and gone and the summer season is upon us. Our home area is already breaking the 100 degree mark on the thermometer. And, they are still snow skiing less than 3 hours away and expect to be skiing through Independence Day. How odd is that?
Memorial Day, which was a month ago, is the trigger for the 100 days of summer. It is the largest vacation period of the year. The sun is shining providing light for a longer day, people are out swimming, some are boating while others are visiting family and friends far away; everyone is playing and having a good time. Yes, it is summer.
It’s also a time of celebration, recreation, staying awake long hours, and, perhaps, driving more miles than your body has the energy for. But, it is summer.
With all of these fun summer activities, we need to remember to be aware of what is going on around us. Most of us in the club are retired so the summer isn’t much different than the rest of the year. But other (working) families will be doing all the things I have just stated but, perhaps, in smaller slices of time.
While all of this is going on we are also preparing for our events this August. The Diesel RV Club summer rally (Rally on the Range) is August 4-9 in Miles City, Montana. Following that is the FMCA International Rally (Minot Magic) August 14-17 in Minot, North Dakota. These events are always special in that it allows an opportunity for more families to attend.
As to the FMCA convention, the Diesel RV Club has been asked to provide personnel to help with Security. Those
who volunteer and are accepted will get to arrive early on Sunday, August 11. As of my writing, there are still a lot of openings so please consider volunteering to assist with Security. There are a variety of positions that will involve working either inside or outside. Go to the following URL for more information or to volunteer —
We expect a great FMCA event in Minot. It will be the 100th FMCA event, and so I think that a lot of things will be occurring. This is the first time that FMCA has been to Minot in about 12 years.
I hope you’ve gotten some good information out of the articles that we have added to the Travelore.
If you haven’t noticed, the FMCA magazine changed names a few issues ago. It is now called “Family RVing”. This is a part of the transition now that FMCA is no longer limited to just motorhomes but also includes owners of towables. I know that I’m seeing more towables at the various rallies that I have attended. It is, indeed, a healthy sign.
We hope to see you in Miles City, Montana at the rally, and/or at Minot. Otherwise —
See you down the road—
August 4-9, 2019 Miles City KOA
Diesel RV Club Miles City, Montana
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