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         Product Review
Waste Master sewer hose system
by Rod Kenly
One of the things you do a lot on your RV is empty the holding tanks. I’m sure it is the one you don’t look for- ward.
My brother just started RVing this last summer. He got what is normally considered a premium hose. It broke
the very first time he used it. A rather smelly experience. I didn’t laugh, as I’ve been through a bunch of hoses over the years. As fate would have it, my hose started leaking a couple of weeks later presenting me with an issue.
I’ve read about this “new” hose – the Waste Master for a couple of years. They state:
• Industrial strength hose – strongest available
• Smooth interior walls
• Cam-Loc fittings eliminate leaks – guaranteed
• Nozzle with handle and shut off at the sewer inlet
• Sta-Put feature keeps hose neatly in place
I contacted the manufacturer in Hollister, CA. As it turned out, I was going to be about 60 miles from there in just
a few weeks. They were pretty sure that they could make the Cam-Loc fit since there was extra space that could be removed from their fitting.
I made an appointment and traveled to the manufacturer. I arrived about 11 AM and they were done in less than
an hour. The Cam-Loc fitting was placed into the system leaving less than 1⁄2 inch between the fitting and the exit. I would have liked more room, but it does work (see figure 2).
Figure 2
 I reviewed several You Tube videos and thought this might be something I would like to try.
The issue for my coach is that my water compartment does not have much room between the bayonet fixture, and the exit hole in my floor (see figure 1).
Figure 1
It was my opinion that there was not enough room to take off the bayonet fitting and put in the new Cam-Loc. The drawings indicated that I needed approximately 6 inches of clearance between the fitting and the exit location. I had less than 4 inches.
I have now been using the system for several months. As advertised, it does exactly what it says. The hose is pro- tected by the expansion material on the outside.
  The nozzle end does have a shutoff.
  The Waste Master Sewer Hose System
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