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         Membership Report
We continue to enjoy the opportunity to provide information about our Chapter to a dramatically increasing number of new FMCA members. Approximately one-half of our active membership is represented by those members holding a “First Year Free” membership.
The way our membership administration system works is that First Year Free memberships are converted to “Regular” memberships and an invoice is issued 90 days prior to the renewal date. Since this initial period is designed to allow new FMCA members to learn more about the Club before they make a financial commitment. As a result, the number of lapsed and non-renewed memberships tends to show a relatively high attrition rate. Nonetheless, we welcome new FMCA members and encourage them to visit our website and technical forum and also engage in our social media pres- ence with the hopes that they will become active and supportive members.
 The membership report (at right) reflects membership change from March of this year.
MEMBERSHIP MAY 2019 Renewal Renewal New in Level Total Active Overdue Lapsed New Pending 30 Days
 1st Year Free to New FMCA Family Associate Member ForumPlus
247 247 - - - - 41 - - - - - - - 22 14 8 - - 8 - 283 234 34 2 - 47 1
 Total 552 495 42 2 0 55 42
 Net Change 89 112 -17 0 -1 -22 22
 Financial Report
Members with a background in bookkeeping and/or accounting are encouraged to consider serving as Chapter Treasurer. The Club uses a fully-automated membership administration system that includes credit card process- ing and integrated transactions with the Aplos non-profit accounting system. It, in turn, is integrated with our bank- ing account to minimize manual transaction processing. Some members do pay by check requiring some manual posting and deposits. Please contact President Rod Kenly if interested in this officer position.
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Nominating Committee Seeks Your Aid
absence of the President at any duly called meeting. The Senior Vice President exercises the authority and is subject to the same limitations as apply to the President. The position is viewed as the logical successor to the President and may be called upon to be responsible for or assist in certain Chapter activities.
VP - Publishing — The Vice President: Publications is responsible for the Chapter’s internal and external com- munications. Developing and managing all of the Chap- ter’s communications includes creation and/or approval of
member newsletters and announcements (e.g., eBlasts), and internal publications such as brochures and assist in maintaining the Club’s website.
VP - Technical — Since this position has been vacant for a year, it is important to see it filled for this year. The person filling this responsibility shall oversee the techni- cal presentations at rallies and also represent the club
at FMCA conventions. The ability to give presentations as well as schedule others for presentations is of critical importance.
Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer — The Treasurers continued on page 12
Checking Balance Merchandise Inventory Club Equipment
$ 58,360.40 $ 1,879.00 $ 289.44
Rally Fund Balance General Fund Balance
$ 60,528.44
$ 5,225.00 $ 53,135.40
 Total $ 58,360.40

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