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      The team finish-
ing second in Bean Bag Baseball was composed of: Ken Carpenter, Paula Brown, Fred Ovans, Marsha Bechtold and Dee Blocker. They were awarded Butter Finger bars.
Members of the
third place team in Bean Bag Baseball were awarded Zero bars. They were:
Phil Murray, Ron & Happy Treml, Steven Castle and Loren Dorig.
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will be passing through and going to, and (b) make sure guns and ammunition are properly secured.:
Bobby & Marsha Bechtold presented a Fire Safety program and discussed Proteng’s revolutionary fire protection system. Attendees seeking more information were invited to request a free safety evaluation and information about the high-risk areas in their RVs. They pointed out that fire safety is a big issue in an RV since there will be very little time to evacuate the unit safely. Every RVer should have an emergency “go bag” or “bug out bag” ready for each family member when need to evacuate arises.
During the Owner’s Round Table, discussion materi-
als covered the TCS and TSD fuel discount programs,
the FMCA and Diesel RV Club websites, and accessing resources on the DRVC Forum. In addition, specific ques- tions and owner concerns were also discussed.
Happy Treml facilitated the crafts track by leading the Paint and Chat session on Monday. On Tuesday, she led the ladies in making bracelets out of copper wire. Happy also led the Thursday Tips & Tricks discussion session which included the sharing of information on bucket list
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