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The Importance of Fluid Analysis
1992 and now serves a significant number of fleet owners and individuals who run engines on land and sea, trans- missions, differentials, generators, refrigeration equip- ment (reefer
The graphic at the top center shows an example of the various kit levels available from JG Lubricant Services. The graphic at the lower center of this page displays what
Elemental Analysis
Water Content
Basic Protection
Fuel Dilution
Viscosity (at 100C)
Additional Diagnostics
Total Base Number (TBN)3
Total Acid Number (TAN)3
Oxidation and Nitration (IR)
System Debris
Particle Quantifier Or Particle
Count 4
1. Testing included in Advanced and Ultimate kits is determined oil, component or system sampled (see Products page and the notes below).
2. Advanced or Ultimate testing is required for extending drain intervals. Basic Kit cannot be used to extend drain intervals.
3. Engine oil samples receive a TBN (Total Base Number) test. Other systems (such as automatic or power-shift transmissions,
hydraulics and filtered gear systems) receive a TAN test.
4. Debris Analysis testing is dependent upon component sampled (refer to test kit and test type descriptions on the Products page).
units) and APUs (Auxiliary Power Units). In other words, there should be a broad level of expertise.
is analyzed with respect to the coolant. (Keep in mind that oil analysis involves a separate proce- dure and report from a coolant analysis.
The pumps that both companies sell are reusable. Only the test kit containers are for single use.
In fact, both
Blackstone and
JGLubricants list
several options
for tests as well
as openly display
a range of related
articles and
sample reports.
Perhaps you noticed the sample report from Blackstone Labs on page 5. JG Lubricants offers a similar service that is customized to so you begin to develop an understand- ing of the issues or concerns that
Image courtesy of JG Lubricant Servicess
may arise with respect to your engine over time. In other words, it’s not just a report based on only that sample’s data. It’s a report based on other samples received (if appropriate) or that they will receive after establishing a base- line.
Image courtesy of JG Lubricant Servicess
mechanic. There are more than
a few companies engaged in the analysis business. Some companies will deal with the end user while others any will work with reputable repair facilities in the event you aren’t a do-it-yourselfer. Just don’t be afraid to ask for an analysis at your next service interval. It could be very beneficial.
Both companies will supply an
end user with the items needed to capture a good sample. JG Lubricant Services sells both oil and coolant analysis kits plus the appropriate vacuum pumps on their online store. Blackstone Labs offers kits at no charge. However, the level of analysis you desire does have a fee. One nice thing about Blackstone Labs is that an individual owner can create an account and log in to see reports over time. Something that could be very helpful in the future. Their basic oil analysis begins at $28.
Check the following websites for further information;
• Blackstone Labs -
• J G Lubricant Services –
• ALS Global –
• Donaldson Filtration Solutions –
So, what can an owner do with regard to an analysis? For one thing, a search of the internet or ask a diesel
Tests included in the Coolant Analysis Test Kit
• Visual (color, oil, fuel, magnetic precipitate, non-magnetic • precipitate, and color)
• pH
• Glycol
• Freezing and Boiling Points • Nitrite
• Specific Conductance
• Foam
• Corrosion Metals, Contaminants and Inhibitors • SCA #(Supplemental Coolant Additives)
• Total Hardness
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